JOPIC POOL (also known as flowmaster Jopic) was established in 1995. In this passage of time we have designed and executed numerous of residential and commercial swimming pool projects. Some of the projects are listed below.

Latest Projects

DHA Swimming Pool Lahore , pakistan

Diving Board Installation at DHA Sports Club, Lahore, Pakistan

Pool Heater Installation at DHA Sports Club, Lahore, Pakistan

Mosaic Tiles Work at DHA Sports Club, Lahore, Pakistan

Installation of Swimming Pool Filtration Plant at DHA Sports Club, Lahore, Pakistan

Commercial Swimming at DHA Sports Club Lahore, Pakistan

Design and Execution of commercial swimming pool and electro-mechanical installation of DHA Sports Club Y-Block, Lahore, Pakistan


Previous Projects

Following are the list of our swimming pool projects only. If you want to see the list of our other services like fountain, landscaping, musical fountain etc. then visit our main website Flowmaster Jopic
Some of our previous projects are following:

Swimming Pool (Residential & Commercial)

  1. Commercial Swimming Pool of DHA Sports Club Y-block, Lahore
  2. Bilawal House swimming pool, Lahore
  3. Commercial Swimming pool of Sports Club, Okara Cantt
  4. PAF Commercial Pool, Sargoda (size 80 x 40 with diving pool)
  5. Aqua Land Water Park, Faisalabad (size 160 x 60)
  6. Commercial Pool at PAF club Islamabad
  7. Mr. Denim (PVT Ltd.) jail road Lahore Pak
  8. Emerson Co, Rawalpindi Cant. Pak
  9. O G D C Renovation of swimming pool & fountain
  10. Faham Qasar, Pak
  11. Islamic university Defence Lahore
  12. Dr, Javeed (Dir MRI) farm house Bedian road Lahore Pak
  13. Saber butt 25 /h model town Lahore Pak
  14. Dr, Shameem 15 X block DHA Lahore Pak
  15. Developer group Pvt. Ltd.
  16. Eden park model farm house Raiwand road Lahore
  17. Eden avenue extension ghazi road LAHORE
  18. WAVES Mr. Javaid Butt House Lahore, Pak
  19. Laka Bukhari Bahar Shan road Cant Lahore Pak
  20. Mr. Ayyaz house (Swimming pool & landscape) at Mureed-kay
  21. Pak (Fort Rice Mill)
  22. Mr. Ajmal butt Commercial pool and Jacuzzi at Gujarat (MY FAN
  23. Mr. Waseem Akram Raiwand Road, Lahore Pak

and many more…

Project Gallery

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